Our Strategy

We believe that if a person or team welcomes God, listens to the specific plan he gives, and becomes supported in prayer by others who are asking God for support, then God’s Kingdom can grow anywhere, into the heart of any person.

Strategy Specifics

How do we develop the Christlike character needed to grow God's Kingdom?

What goes into a plan that grows God's Kingdom?

What does prayer grow God's Kingdom?

Our Philosophy

We look for people who desire to grow God’s Kingdom, and serve them in any way we can. Maybe it’s starting a brand new endeavor with a visionary college student to meet an injustice. Maybe it’s partnering with an existing ministry to build a new team that will help that ministry meet its next God-given goal. Maybe it’s working through a difficult addiction or past issue with a Christian student to get that person ready for kingdom service. Maybe it’s praying with the leaders of a local church for God to reveal ways to make deeper connections with its immediate neighborhood or global outreach. If there’s a person, plan, or prayer network that needs to be developed to grow God’s Kingdom, we want to be part of that work.

God’s word is our guiding light

When we think about who we are going to develop, and how we are going to develop their personal character, plans, and prayer support, we turn to God’s word to be our guide. We believe biblical wisdom is the truth and character of God lived in context, and that’s what we are attempting to develop, wherever God allows. We believe the Bible to be the accurate record of God’s truth and character, and it is our basis for guidance.

To see the truth and character of God revealed because someone is living it in a way that his or her hearers can understand is the ultimate goal. Jesus did this for us - he came to us with the truth of God, and lived it in front of us while in human flesh, so we could understand clearly that the kingdom of God is real and ready for us to join. We hope to do that for others.